Successful Life Sailing with
Captain Jim Gordon

About (Biography)

"Within each is the seed of greatness"

-J Blackwell Gordon | 1978

Mr. Gordon began working in the field of human development through personal mastery in August 1978. His mentor, Charles J. Givens (who was delivering 14 programs nationally, traveling extensively abroad and known for his financial best seller books) selected and trained J. B. personally to take over the Success Visualizations Program entitled Alpha Mind Power. 

Today he has over 30 years of public speaking background and has trained Executives, Medical Professionals, Attorneys, Therapists, and Sales Specialists. He has developed Custom Audio Visualization Trainings which have produced fantastic results for all walks of life from Enhancing Creativity in Artists to Direct Business Skills for Executive Managers. 

He is currently active in an International Organization in 63 Countries which teaches the Art of Living Deliberately and promotes the idea of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. His businesses have included a Virginia based Hospital Communications Company specializing in new Hospital Design and a Nevada based Independent Travel Agent Training Program. 

He has written a fascinating and spiritually engaging book of poetry, published a story tellers book, and is currently writing a new book. His home base "Wind Chimes" on the Chesapeake Bay was architecturally self designed.

His first book, Songbook from My Soul, is named for his great love of the sea. The book of poetry is now available for purchase.

Captain Jim has written his second book “Gutsy Tales Off The Rails, Living Out Loud"

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